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    Ben Simpson & Crypto 1.01 - Dollars & Making Sense 25 Jul 2023
    Today we cover of the basics of what crypto and Bitcoin is all above. We also love free, so we're handing out a lot of free information and education that you'll be able to learn about this interesting yet still new way of investing - even though it is over 12 years old now.
    25 Jul 2023 09:00:00 - Comment(s)
    Summer Series #1 - Dollars & Making Sense - 21 Dec 2021

    While we're away on our break, we're going back over our archive and replaying some of our more popular broadcasts.  This week, we revisit Ray, Karen & Lisa discussing cybercrime and International Women's Day.  This broadcast can be found in our blog archive if you wish t...

    21 Dec 2021 09:00:00 - Comment(s)
    Cybercrime - Dollars and Making Sense - 2 March 2021
    cybercrime, what are we dealing with here? Online nasties! Tune in to listen to Ray, Karen & Lisa discuss cybercrime and how to guard against it
    02 Mar 2021 09:00:00 - Comment(s)