Modern Monetary Theory - Dollars & Making Sense 8 Sep 2020

    08 Sep 2020 13:36:28

    What is Modern Monetary Theory and how does this relate to the pandemic - tune in this week to listen to Lisa lead the discussion about MMT and inflation.

    Described by many commentators as a "load of bollocks", why is MMT the current talk of the town?  Is a UBI (universal basic income) the answer to all the sins that befall western economies or simply shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. Karen & Ray continue to vibrantly work through the points together with Lisa.
    Ray’s usual “market wrap” will take a peek at the week that was, leading indicators what’s about to happen in the local markets.
    Dollars & Making Sense, a weekly radio show about finance, money and investing, hosted by Ray Trevisan of OTG Capital, and joined by our regular contributors Karen Hadjinicola and Lisa Ellem.

    Click on this link to have a listen to this morning's broadcast. 

    Ray Trevisan