Christmas Budgeting - Dollars and Making Sense 17 Nov 20

    17 Nov 2020 10:59:40

    Not long now!  The tell tale signs of Christmas are already around us with TV ads, shopping centre music and decorations - but are you prepared?

    Karen leads this week's discussion around planning and budgeting for Christmas, that old chestnut!  How can you prepare yourself mentally, physically and financially.  Oh yes, Dollars and Making Sense tackles the hard questions!!
    Do you have a bucket of Christmas savings or just throw all the expenses on a credit card and worry about that in February when the bills arrive and have to be paid.  Tune in for some great ideas and a bit of a laugh along the way.

    Dollars & Making Sense, a weekly show about finance, money and investing, hosted by Ray Trevisan of OTG Capital, and joined by our regular contributors Karen Hadjinicola and Lisa Ellem, don't forget Ray's weekly market wrap covering the ups and downs of local and global markets.

    Ray Trevisan