10 Major Changes fm Jul 2023 - Dollars & Making Sense 11 Jul 2023

    11 Jul 2023 09:00:00
    we grab some excerpts and post presentation interviews with some of the presenters on the day of the IFPA (www.ifpa.com.au) conference held in Melbourne in 2023. Topics include succession planning, Crypto currency, mental health, compliance & regulatory as well as a number of legislative and tax updates. Sounds dry? Not if you're keen to save time and money!

    From Super Guarantees to pension age, pension drawdowns and home loan scheme eligibility, there are a raft of changes that have come in from 1 July 2023.  Today, Ray Trevisan will present and discuss this list of major changes, its impact, and also provide some food for thought.  Do you agree with him or not?  Let us know, we're always happy for a vibrant discussion here on Dollars & Making Sense, a show about finance, money and investing.


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    Ray Trevisan