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  • Ray Trevisan

Dollars Making Sense 9 Dec 2019

Catch the next edition on YouTube of our weekly video cast on money, investing and finance.

In this week's edition we cover the following:

00:00 Introductions and Movember moustache raising money, the week that was – ouch! Last studio program for the year. AIA Xmas evening and panel discussion.

01:34 weekly review of the market, grumpy Trump, the NATO summit and a horrible week on the markets, the trade deal and the upcoming 15 Dec deadline

05:55 local markets and exports doing great 2 quarters in a row - not much happening in Govt and mainstream media not saying anything, AGM noise and the song remains the same

07:25 Aramco IPO is now set and price – raised $25.6Bn at 1.5% of the company – valued at $1.7Tn

10:40 Tyro Payments- POS EFT payments processor company – very successful IPO – biggest Australian IPO for the year

14:36 Henry’s Dad joke of the week

15:00 EML Payments, Imdex and Efergex Energy

17:45 Bet365 and their problem customers who win too much

19:00 Henry’s sneaky bet on the UK election – guess who?

20:15 Disclaimer

22:08 Marcus Padley and the banking stocks, dividends and diversification – its all about the yield!!

27:45 Henry’s $100 buck chuck

31:06 Treasurer’s economic statements and the state of the economy – some say things are gloomy, and others (including Henry) think its not too bad – let’s be optimistic

36:50 Mayfair 101 – wholesale investors beware – glitz and glamour? Caveat emptor, you can fool some of the people some of the time

40:32 DMS portfolio to be posted on www.otgcapital.com.au/blog - December 15 beware!!! 41:33 A Santa Claus rally??

41:56 Last YT from the studio, keep an eye out for our panel discussion at the AIA, Henry Jennings from Marcus Today, Ashley Brown from Stanford Brown, moderated by Ray Trevisan, OTG Capital – will be recorded and available later and we’ll be in the studio again after Australia Day - Wrap up

Next week with more market tips.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Cheers Ray