• Ray Trevisan

Dollars Making Sense 25 Nov 2019

Catch the next edition on YouTube of our weekly video cast on money, investing and finance.

In this week's edition we cover the following:

00:00 Introductions

00:40 weekly review and Westpac Bank’s travails with the law/AML and on, how do you comply with the regulations?

09:45 TransferWise, PFx for forex – how do you know where the money is going?

10.30 Henry’s blog and Dad jokes

11:10 Australian Investors Association with Henry, Ray & Rudi on 10 Dec 2019

11:59 Mayfair101 and Dunk Island

17:43 Disclaimer

18:38 Diversification, ETFs, ETBs and stock market weighting

25:16 FAANG and deeper discussion about ethical investing in Facebook

31:30 Housing loan default rates, household debt

33:10 Henry’s stock picks

35:10 Points Bet PBH.AX

35:59 Wrap up

Next week with more market tips.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Cheers Ray

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