• Ray Trevisan

Dollars Making Sense 2 Dec 2019

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In this week's edition we cover the following:

00:00 Introductions and Movember moustache is now gone!!

01:36 weekly review of the market, record highs and on a Christmas tear away and RBA Gov Lowe and possible interest rate cuts

04:15 not much happening in Govt and mainstream media not saying anything

05.15 WBC talk of the town on the back of the Austrac scandal and 23m transactions

09:05 RBA discussions, talks and interest rates

09:59 QE – quantitative easing, when all else fails, central banks step and buy in

14.30 GFC type stimulus needed possibly?

16:32 Australian Investors Association panel discussion on Tuesday evening, featuring Henry Jennings from Marcus Today, Ashley Brown from Stanford Brown, moderated by Ray Trevisan, OTG Capital – will be recorded and available later and will banks pass on interest rate cuts next time around?

19:00 AMEX cards and their loyalty programs – a rant from Ray

20:21 Disclaimer

21:13 Sydney Airport – “bond proxies”, Badgerys’s Creek and lack of growth option, Trans Urban and beep stocks

27:55 Submarine contracts costing $225bn

30:12 Henry’s stock picks – 8.11% up and doing well

32:20 Boring stocks are going very well, while the banks are tanking

33:55 and defensive stocks

34:40 15 December and the next round of tariffs – could impact US consumers very hard, therefore impact on US stocks could be quite high

37:15 EML.AX EML payments – what a rise!!, retail gift card sector that is pushing into the US gambling marketplace – pre-paid cards used to bet on sports

42:00 Wrap up

Next week with more market tips.

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