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  • Ray Trevisan

Dollars Making Sense 16 Dec 2019

Catch the next edition on YouTube of our weekly video cast on money, investing and finance.

In this week's edition we cover the following:

0:00 introductions and we ain’t done just yet

1:50 unintended consequences of Brexit / Johnson win and the impact of this vote on investing opportunities for local players

5:00 local stocks impact as a result of Brexit

5:30 Phase 1 of the trade deal and the fallout of Trump not punching himself in the face any longer

8:45 Key predictions for 2020 – rates on the rise toward the end of next year?

11:30 our surplus is not robust, interesting times ahead with retail sales down – Myer’s retail blow out.

13:20 Beeksdownunder mentioning Thodey taking over the chairmanship of Xero

15:40 US China relations today and how Australia will handle its situation being a US ally with China being our largest customer

19:00 The economic miracle in Australia in reality is driven by immigration

19:45 Disclaimer, program identification and community radio details, feedback requests 21:38 Aramco listing beyond $2T mark

23:45 EVs are huge – is there a tipping point

28:20 Lithium losers this year may become winners in the not too distant future

32:45 Buy, hold and forget is no longer valid – money never sleeps – things are on the move EV, AI, nano tech

34:40 Henry’s picks are riding at over 7% and will be posted on otgcapital.com.au/blog – no changes – extreme volatility around – Preamium and Points Bet moving around a lot presently

37:10 that’s a wrap and Seasons Greeting

Next week with the AIA panel discussion recorded on 10 Dec 2019 at the Chatswood Club.

Thanks for reading and watching.

Cheers Ray