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OTG Capital
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    Dollars & Making Sense
    ​a weekly radio show and podcast

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    Ray Trevisan, Karen Hadjinicola & Lisa Ellem

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    Ray Trevisan

    Ray is the Fund Manager and Director of OTG Capital, a boutique Investment Trust dealing in fixed interest income offerings.

    He has over 40 years extensive experience in business, management in both public and private sector organisations, a NSW Justice of the Peace, fully licensed financial planner, member of the Australian Investors Association, and a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    Ray also runs a monthly investors discussion group for the AIR at Dee Why.

    Karen Hadjinicola

    Karen is an avid investor and maintains an ongoing interest in shares, real estate as well as being very passionate about financial education.

    She is a full time professional project manager in the telecommunications industry, and a committed kayaker and road cyclist.

    Karen lives in Sydney with her two adult sons, loves travelling and participating in life.

    Lisa Ellem

    Lisa is a long time resident of Coffs Harbour who enjoys the outdoors, continuing education and involvement in issues that matter to her.

    She is an avid investor participating in real estate, shares and informing others about finance through active online discussions on social media.

    Lisa's passion for community housing and looking for different ways to live more effectively and harmoniously on the planet is an ongoing pursuit.